The great big list of job searching

So I have decided to leave the job I am at now.  It comes with a hope that I will be able to get a job in Delaware.  I never like letting go of one job if I don’t have a secure hold on the new one.  Not only do I get the pleasure of filling out the identical applications time and time again; but if I want to teach in Delaware I need to get my certification in the state. Here is the fun of jumping through hoops even more.  I wish it was as simple as sending them my PA certification and them saying excellent here is your DE certification.  But no it is not.  I have to go to my principal and ask her to fill out a form saying I have received 2 or more satisfactory evaluations.  Now this is where it pulls at my heart-strings.  I have to ask a favor of someone who doesn’t want me to leave.  It is like rubbing salt in her wound. Everything else seems like a piece of cake apart from that.

Don’t get my wrong my nerves are as close to being fried as they come.  Everything seems to be counting down.  My grad class is coming to an end yet I feel I have some much more to learn on the topic.  My wedding plans are at a stand still till I find a venue (I still have to look at 8 more and I detest it!).  My school only has 9 more weeks of teaching left.  My interviews are piling up but I truly dislike the waiting game they play.  You interview with them you think it went well and then you hear nothing! It will be one stressful summer until I know for sure I have a teaching job for next year. If not, what then? Do I move in with my fiance in Delaware and try to get any job to keep my bills paid? Do I stay with my parents and sub around the school districts? Then what will happen next year when I actually get married? Life is full of uncertainty….sometimes I just need to remind myself to have faith.

T.G.I.F. NOT!!!!!!!


So at least in grad class I am learning a little.  Yes I learned about google hangout and twitter.  But what I am really getting from this class is resources peoples are providing got sites to check out. As for the reading not going to lie reading content and articles or books that don’t have science or fantasy in them absolutely bores me. If people are going to reach me about topics that are okay it needs to be video or interactive.  If I look at articles or books where it does not strike my fancy I will become overwhelmed by the length of what I’m about to read and avoid it like the plague.

This whole week I have been exhausted.  I have been on the verge of breaking down and crying every single day.  Why? Because I put myself here.  I am constantly on the move in face just right not I had to leave my planning period where I am writing this to go print report cards.  Why because the computer teacher is out and I’m the only person here who knows how to do it.  I am infuriated and annoyed with how this school is run or not run.  I have to teach 4 different science subjects however instead of planning during my planning period I sub for teachers who are not here, help with maintenance problems, help with recess duty and morning and afternoon dismissal, I am the only tech suave person here apart from the computer teacher and I have had to show her things, I have to attend mass when they have it and assemblies at which I am in charge of video recording the whole thing.  So lets go through todays run down so you can see my busy day.

From wake up (5:20) I walk the dogs, get dressed, cook breakfast and am out the door by 6:30 where I drive to work.  I get there at 7:49 and beginning planning, researching topics on things I’m learning, printing and making copies.  During this time, a teacher ask me if I’m in charge of reports since the computer teacher is out (yes I am a science teacher not a vice principal or principal but I am in charge of reports if something is wrong today). At 8:17 I have to go down to the gym and attend morning prayers.  At 8:40, we go up stairs.  I then get my sixth graders and teach them Earth & Space science.  During which, the principal runs in and tell me she needs 7th and 2nd grades report cards printed (no she does not know how to access the report cards).  I tell her I am teaching and will do during my prep periods.  9:30 class ends and I walk the students back to their homeroom in complete silence (rules of the school). I spend the next ten minutes trying to find 7th grades report cards because I found 2nd grades report cards in the teacher mail box. Then I print the7th graders report cards and deliver them to the homeroom teacher.  I get some free time I write on my blog. During which, I get pulled because second grade teacher says she put 2 comments on every report card.  I show in the system no she didn’t. I then go back to writing.  After which I get chased after to go to mass today. So from 11-12 I’m in mass thinking of things I could be getting done.  At 12, I ate my lunch. At 12:15 I had to get the students from the lunch room and bring them outside for recess where I stood and observed them till 12:45. After which I had my seventh graders from 12:45-2:15 for a love research project on biomes (they are looking really good!) {BTW this took my at least one minute to type good!) because the laptop they give the teachers are all refurbished and the internet keeps going out *sigh*}.  I then from 2:20-3 get my 8th graders that I love cause we are in genetics right now and I LOVE genetics.  Then at 3, I take them down stairs to dismissal where they stand in silence or me shhing them until at 3:15 the teachers are dismissed.  During this time I usually clean my room and straighten things up (or else the principal scolds me ) but this week I am writing :P. At 3:30 we are allowed to leave. So I will be leaving to drive to my other job to make it there at 5 (darn traffic) and get changed there.  I’ll probably got out around 9 where i’ll drive 2 hrs down to conwingo md sleep at my fiancés parents house so when go to our 3 venue meets tomorrow starting at 10 and is 1.5 hrs away and dinner with his grandparents (all of which had to be planned 3 weeks in advance for me to take off of work from my normal 10:45-10 work day). Welcome to my Fridays people…now you know why I’m losing it.

Hopefully if you’re reading this you might get a sense of why if I have five minutes free I just sit or clean my messy room.

Balancing acts are an art.



So if you haven’t notice already, my life is a full and busy schedule.  That is usually how I like it because I don’t have time to goofy off or lay around the house.  However there is something I have forgot. With all my scheduling, I have left no time for myself. Grant it, my workout time is technically my time.  However there is no real sit down and decompress about my whole day.  Lately my plate has been getting fuller and fuller.  I am worried it will all come crashing down on me.

My teaching job has become a job I have started to resistant.  Please don’t take this the wrong way when I’m teaching my classes I have a ball.  Yet politics of the school are making time spend there not enjoyable. For example., I run the aftercare program on Mondays.  Now the principal wants the students to always be working.  So after they’re done their homework I need assign them more work.  She doesn’t want them using technology of any type.  I know this is my opinion and she won’t take it serious because the parents are telling her to do this.  But I keep thinking if you keep working these CHILDREN they will grow up exhausted of work.  There needs to be a balancing act in their life.  What better way to teach them that play is important BUT work should be done first.  Not you finished your work here is more.

Wedding dress shopping is a whole monster on its own.  I brought both my co-maids to two dress shops.  By the second one, I was confused and doubting every thing I tried on.  I found their input helpful but overwhelming.  I was put in a dress that I like but they loved.  It made me like the dress more but it didn’t feel like the best it could be.  I have decided to clear my balancing act of please others and myself and just focus on me.  I will be going to a different shop on my own.  This way I am the only input to concentrate on.  Hopefully this will work a lot better.

Now on to do my homework that is late. Thank goodness for this two hour delay.  I really needed it.

Twitter is to bird as I am to dinosaur



On Wednesday, my grad class and I sat down and had a twitter chat. Now a couple of things you should know about me. One I only have a twitter account to follow my fiance, news, sports, and politics. Two I am considered to be one of the best tech people in the school I teach at. Three I am 26 by no means a person without internet skills.

That being said. I find my first full blast of twitter to be a headache.  I was reading everyone’s comments and then I would have to go back and read what someone said because another person referred to what that person said…….it was chaos.  I felt my eyes trying to follow too many conversations or I was in a circle of friends and 3 people where talking about elephants and 4 people where talking about africa.  Twitter chat has too many dimensions for me.

I like to use twitter for picture sharing and for putting a simple thought out there.  With deep thinking like my grad class was doing, I would prefer facebook or google doc.  Grant it I choose these programs because I am more comfortable.  It might just be that I don’t know twitter.  However being bombarded and thrown into the deep end of a pool is how I drowned.  I am one of the people who need to get in the pool step by step.

When it comes to technology, I put it to the side. I lead a busy life.  I work a full-time job, 2 part-time jobs, I workout everyday, I am taking a grad class and my commute to work everyday is right at an hour.  Whatever free time I did have now gets taken up with planning a wedding.  So forgive me but when it comes to any free time I do get I don’t go parading on the internet to do things.  Instead I do laundry, I pick up a book, I talk to my fiance or sister.  The whole surround myself with nothing but technology is not something I will ever want to do.  I will take baby steps or glimpses into technology but that is only to farther my career or connect with far off and busy friends.

Maybe I’m just an old soul or maybe technology is running and I am jogging.  Whatever the case, I am happy with what I accomplish and at the end of the day that’s good enough for me.

Till next time…


Forgive my lateness I was traveling all of Friday. This week I found out that the school I am applying to is all about stem!!! The school is beautiful and I really want to be a part of it!!! I discovered that the chimps in Africa are being effected by Ebola. I discovered that I should be expanding my reach to get certified in earth and space science. I just found out I’ll be training for educreations in the next workshop. I also found out about the new hologram lenses from mircosoft. I’ll try to post it in a little bit. #f5f:

Passion and Fascination



As a science teacher, I always try to stay on top of new things being discovered or theories being challenged or changed.  I also like to keep my students interested in the same things being discovered around the world in science.  So I have on the outside of my classroom a whiteboard.  Every week I post a new finding or a fun science fact.  After a while, it gets hard to remember them. I actually found an awesome site that helps me find new information. Check it out IFLScience!!!!!

Taking things step by step


This is a video of a live earthquake in 2011.  I had my earth & space science students watch it today in class.

I am practicing posting this type of media to a blog.  This way when I make blogs for a specific class I can show them these interesting science videos!!!!!! They’ll be able to watch it at home or on their own time, saving me more time for teaching!

My first blogging experience


Hello ED677 classmates!

This is my very first time blogging. I will start by giving you a background on myself.

I am a science teacher.  Currently, for the past year and a half, I teach 5-8th science classes including biology, life science, earth& space, and physical science.  This is my fourth year as a science teacher.  I taught physics, biology and physical science in Maryland for my first two years.

New things are happening all around my life right now.  This is my very first grad. class. I recently got engaged and will hopefully be branching out into the public schools again next year.  I am excited about all of these things but don’t be mislead I am also nervous.

I am very excited to see how this class can help me reach my students and new lengths! I look forward to traveling this journey with you!

-Amy McLaren